Hazel Doctor



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  • Reading
  • Brazilian jiu jitsu
  • Fashion
  • Alternative rock


  • Tagalog (Filipino)
  • German


  • Atlanta, GA
  • Saipan, CNMI

Hi there!

I’m a UX Designer with a multi-disciplinary background in web development and research. My experience working with an agile team has helped me embrace uncertainty, communicate openly, and learn to move on when the first iteration isn’t perfect. I find flow while drafting, testing, and analyzing prototypes, so my goal is to hone my skills in information architecture and interaction design.

When I’m not designing, you can find me practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, playing The Legend of Zelda on the Switch, or shopping.

My pathway to design

A few years ago, I was a research specialist for a psychosis study, where I worked with diagnostic devices to monitor brain activity in clinically high-risk participants. While calibrating the device's software, I came across errors and an alarming syntax. It was an "Oh ****" moment, but I became more curious. With the help of online forums, I solved the problem. From there, I continued learning about the design and mechanisms of the software bundle so that I could efficiently troubleshoot issues. This led me to learn how to code.

After learning object-oriented programming, I landed an internship with a dental staffing firm as a front-end developer. Not only did I drastically improve my front-end skills, but I also understood the product from user and stakeholder perspectives. By working with a UX designer, I learned to research our clients’ pain points, develop personas and jobs to be done, map out user flows, and test features - all while communicating and iterating with the development team. I realized that designing systems and refining experiences to bring people joy excited me.

Eventually, I learned to balance my interests, curious nature, and analytical background through design. I'm currently doing this through several personal projects. To me, design is more than just clean interfaces and captivating interactions. It’s also about tackling complex problems through empathy, creativity, and collaboration. Going forward, I aim to refine my design process through experimentation and experience.